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01: How did you get into the world of "Himitsu no Mahou"?
-> I found this: and this: and was interested what kind of story that might be. So I start reading Himitsu no Mahou thanks to :iconmiyatoriaka:

02: How many chapters were uploaded at that time?
-> More than 50, but the story was to god to stop reading, so I read all the Chapters in three days. My eyes burnt like hell after that, but it was worth it.

03. Did you read all the released chapters of HnM so far?
-> Yep I read all the chapters released in German and I'm very proud of it, because there are so many chapters...

04: Which one was your favourite chapter so far?
-> I can't choose. I like to much.

05: Which chapter did you like the least so far?
-> There isn't any chapter I don't like that much.

06: Would you like to live in the world of 'Himitsu no Mahou'?
-> No! Definitely not. It's too dangerous for me in this world and with my bad luck, I would get killed, even as an innocent Human. And as a Wächter I would kill myself because of that much rules I don't want to follow. Even my mom never gave me so many rules, and she had still a lot of fun in making more rules to bring me down on my knees.

07: If you'd live in the world of HnM, which race would you like to be a part of?
-> Um... I think I like to be a demon, because they can do what they want whenever they want, but I also like to be a Wächter because I want to have the control over an element. But I have to say, that it migth be the best, when you are a human, because it's more save in the humanworld. So maybe I am an hybrid? My Mother is a Kaze or Waterwächter and my father is a halfdemon XD

08: Which element would you like to have as a Wächter and which one should your best friend have - and which one your partner?
-> I want to be a Windwächter or a Waterwächter, my best friend should be a Firewächter and my Partner would be a Kaze (too).

09: Would you go to war and fight and die for your Hikari? || If you are a Hikari: die / fight for your race?
-> Nope. I hate war and everything that has to do with it, I don't want to kill anyone and neither I wanted to save some person, just because the rules say that I have to. I would die for the ones I love, but not for that selfish Hikaris. I think, if I would be a Wächter, I would spend the wartime in a save place in the human world, with my family by my side.

10: It is your task to choose a husband for Green, the current regent of the Wächtertum - which one of the handsome guys may it be?
-> Gary/Blue of course, but because he is a demon, he maybe can't marry her or even have children with her, so Saiyon is okay too and if he is not good enough for Green, Grey must left Ilang and has to marry his beloved sister.

11: If you'd write "Himitsu no Mahou", would more Wächter or Demon die?
-> Well... I think I will kill the same number of demons and wächter, but I think I would kill only non important people ^^'

12: You meet Nocturn in your nightmare, what do you do?
-> First I would try to run away, but because Nocturn is a demon, he would be faster than me. So my next plan is to scream if somebody could help me.... maybe a sexy demon or a strong Wächter XD And If no one comes zu help me, there is just one chance left, to save my life: I would talk about White-sama until Nocturn decides that I'm not worth it, because White is much better than me ;P

13: You've got the golden opportunity to cast a glance at the script of HnM, but your time only makes it possible to read one single sentence. Which information would you like to find most?
-> "Firey and Sibi/Silver will have a romantic kiss..." And then I would scream so loud (because I'm so happy) that someone will come and punish me for glancing at the holy script of Himitsu no Mahou XD

14: Do you hope for a 'Happy Ending' or a 'Sad Ending'?
-> As a fan I want a Happy Ending, but as an author I think a Sad Ending is better. So the best way is an open End and then we all can write a lot of fanfiction.

15: The most romantic scene in HnM so far?
-> Can I tell this without giving Spoilers? Well... It is the Moment Sibi kissed Firey on her cheek, after he nearly killed her. This Moment was soooo cute ♥.♥

16: The most gruesome scene in HnM so far?
-> When White found Kanori's corpse. I hink there were more Moments, but I dont want to spoiler you.

17: The funniest scene in HnM so far?
-> OMT This Spoiler is too big I think. I just can say it is a scene with Ri-Il and Lycram and a scene with Azuma and Firey.

18: Your biggest HnM-worries?
-> Firey and the other ones I like get killed. Please don't let them die author-sama! I promise I will never be asking for spoi... No, that would be a lie XD

19: Your biggest HnM hope?
-> The Couples I like to be together, will become together and not just in secret. I want them to be happy together.

20: If you could bring one of the dead HnM-characters back to life, who would it be?
-> Kanori ore Tao. It's hard to decide, because I like Kanori more, but I wish for Silence, that she could have a real Kiss with Tao.

21: If you could create a character for HnM, how would he/she be?
-> Is it wrong, that I ask that damn question? Because everyone sounds like I will force autor-sama to use the OC. But this Meme is just for fun, not to manipulate autor-sama. Why is it, that this happen to me ever again? Well in case of showing, that I don't want to force Sakuja to do anything, I won't answer that question.

22: With which HnM-Character would you like to drink tea with?
-> Inceres of course. I want to ask him, what he really saw in Greens future. Maybe he would answer me, if I just look long enough with my innocent blue eyes in his ones.

23: If you would be one of the almighty dead Hikari, what would be the first thing you'd command?
-> I would force Grey to make a Baby Grey with Ilang, because I love Babys and I like the thought of Ryô care for that sweet little Kaze.

24: With whom of the existing characters would you be most likely to fall in love with?
-> Believe it or not, it would be Sibi/Silber. I couldn't explain why, but I think I have some kind of obsession for mans who are not able to show their true feelings and hide them.

25: Imagine you are one of the women in Ri-Il's woman trafficing / brothel. Would you agree with being sold to Lycram?
-> Yes, but only if I am strong enough to cut his... Well I think you could imagine what I mean? XD

26: If you were a Hikari, what would your full name be?
-> I don't know, because I'm not good in japanese.

27: Inceres lays out your cards when you were born; what do they look like?
-> I really do not want to write that in English. I mean, it doesn't even matter, because if I were a Hikari, I would not survive longer than a few days, because Inceres would find out, that I will leave the Hikari as soon as I can, because I never wanted to be a Hikari.

28: You have a special assignment and can choose a Tempelwächter only for a certain period of time, which one will you choose?
-> Ryô of course. I really like him and I promise that I will protect him.

29: If a Himi-chapter would only revolve around one single character, which one should it NOT be?
-> Pink, she would kill my nerves XD

30: Imagine you could visit the Beyond for some reason, what would you do there?
-> I will get lost and because I can't handle that all Hikari look alike, I would drive Shaginai insane, with calling him Adir.

31: Your favourite pairing or relationship would be?
-> FireyxSilver/Siberu

(Why did I make it so long? @.@)
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There is not much to say about me. I'm here to comment pictures I like.

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